Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I can't find my usb cable to download pictures I have to do some updating here, so to put up something new (Mandi this is for you)  I've been tagged for 2-7 random facts about myself.  These things are usually pretty hard for me, so we will see what I can come up with.

1. One of my hopes and dreams of someday is to be a contestant on a game show!  I love playing games.  I am not super competitive (like some people I love dearly)  I just think it's fun to play.  My top choices would be The Price is Right, Family Fued, or that old game with the wammies, (I can't remember the name of it).

2. I loooove hot showers!  If the water stayed warm for longer, I would probably stay in there a good couple of hours, prunes and all!  It is hypnotic for me, I can't just jump in and be quick, I like to run all the hot water out.  I know I'm a waster it's terrible.

3. I love rock a billy fashion.  Not the skulls and flames and stuff, mostly the hair styles I suppose.  If I was really brave I would have black hair with red highlights and cute bangs.  I just love vintage style.

4. If I wasn't the person that I am I would get a partial tattoo sleeve, from the top of my shoulder to about mid bicep.  With girly colorful things, and Spencer and my childrens names in there.

5. I love to dance.  I don't have any rhythm left.  (maybe I never did have any)  but I don't care, I wish Spencer would take me dancing.

6. I love good food!!!  I love going to new restaurants and trying new recipes.  If there is a commercial for something new like chips or candy or something, I will buy it, I have to try it.

7. I am a horrible speller.  I think it's probably because I don't really care all that much, so I don't try very hard.  (I know I just horrified a few people)

8.  I thought of one more.  My pet peeve is when people spell my name wrong, I know it should be a big deal but it just irks me a little.  I have cursed my children, and I am sure their names will be spelled wrong their whole lives.  Hopefully it won't bug them.

Now I tag anyone that needs something to blog about.

Monday, October 20, 2008

We did it!!

The fundraiser went swimmingly!  It was a wonderful day, and there are so many people to thank!!  Thank you everyone that put so much time, effort, and love into this event!  It couldn't have been more wonderful!!  The support was great!  I was so busy running here and there I didn't get any pictures so I will borrow some from my sweet sister Niki's blog! Thank you Niki for all you did, I love you!  Spencer did a wonderful job (along with Boyd and a few others) manning the ticket booth!  Thank you Spencer, you are the love of my life and I couldn't do anything without you!
Everything looked so professional, many thanks to Debbie Brenner!  Your dedication and creativity did not go unnoticed and was so appreciated!
This booth was my favorite by far!  These wonderful ladies put so much effort into a rather challenging thing!  Stephanie will be so proud when she gets to see this! Thank you Jody, Tauna and Ashley!

Maybe this was my favorite booth showing the Nie movie. Thank you Jodee and Andy Dillard you created such a beautiful tribute to Stephanie and Christian.  I love, it but it gets hard for me to watch aswell!

Thank you doesn't seem like to enough to say to Reachel, she put countless hours into organizing the whole event and the silent auction!  She is the most on top of things lady I have ever met.  The beautiful Nielson children are lucky and blessed to have an incredible godmother like her!  Stephanie and Christian have heavenly friends in this wonderful couple!

We were honored to have some of Stephanie and Christians families  in attendance!  We were so happy to see all of you!

A huge thank you to Kristin and Blissful living for making this event even possible!  Your kindness has not gone unnoticed, again thank you!

Thank you to Lori Crum, Alli Heywood, and the whole Heywood clan, Becky Mecham, Ruth Sullivan, Becky Hermasillo, The Worthen Ladies, Kristen Hon, Julie Lara, the Harvey bunch, the Curtis family, Caprece Rogers, Tina and their sisters, Katherine Ashcroft, Dixie Marshall, Ronda, Emily Dial, The Lazona Ward, Dan Speakman, Bishop Brown,   The Adams, The Millers, Gloria, Holly Webster and her family, Mountain View NHS, and all the volunteers.  Thank you for all the donations as well.  (please let me know if I have left out any names I want you all to be thanked!)
Thank you to all the participants for the fish bowl raffle!

We did it and it was great!!!
I had a busy weekend I will post about more fun stuff I did tomorrow!