Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ode to the Vita-Mix

One of our favorite purchases.
My handsome husband off to work with a healthy breakfast!
Today soy blueberry cabbage breakfast smoothie.(two servings of cabbage a week cuts down your risk of several kinds of cancer by up to 69%)

Ode to the Vita-Mix
Spencer knew I would be hooked if I watched the demo
Cabbage, carrots, berries, ice, whatever we use is no problemo
Your whirly vortex make things smooth and yummy
All the things that you can make are good in my tummy
You even helped a friend in need (everything must be drinkable when you get your tonsils out)
We are so glad we bought you indeed.


diana rose said...

ooh, love the poem. you know i'd appreciate that!

the look on spencer's face in that pic says what every blogger's husband is thinking: "you're going to post this on your blog, aren't you?" ask him if i'm right.

mandi said...

I am so impressed i must run to purchase one ,myself.I love the poem and you might need to send it to vitas headquarters and be there advertisment

Lindsay Jones said...

Diana, you are so right on! I don't even have to ask him, because we were having the conversation as the picture was being taken!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

your poem skills are improving. i saved that one you left on my voice mail! haha. you've come leaps and bounds since that one :)

The Cooks said...

Yay! You finally started your blog! So, where's the best deal on a Vitamix?

nie nie said...

oh man, that vitamix was a life life savor. seriously. now my husband weighs 20 pounds!! without the vitamix, with that tonsillectomy he would have weighed like no pounds.

we love you

Aut said...

We could not live without our vitamix!! That smoothie looks DELICOUS!