Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Finds

More fun stuff that will make its appearance at our sale.
This is a metal bank.  How fun is that?
This might be like a knitting bag, there are no pockets inside, so I don't think it's a purse, but could be used as one.  Fun colors!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Jeff & Kristy said...

Hey Lindsey, can you please come look at my house and tell me what I need to do to make it look cute?? inspire me. I need to take some time to do some Friday Finds!!

P.S. Don't you have your big sale coming up??

Bryan & Lynz said...

Hey Spencer, It has been forever since I have seen you. hey maybe since High School? It is really good to see that you are doing really well and you have a really cute family.
Lyndsey Ellsworth Mortensen

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

i love the knitting bag/ purse!!!