Monday, August 25, 2008

Beloved Nie

It is is just so wonderful how many people are praying for, thinking about and willing to help Christian and Stephanie Nielson.  I am looking forward to participating in the this fabulous idea by Design Mom for a silent blog auction on Thursday August 28, Nie Nie Day!  Stay tuned to see the items I plan to auction, and be sure to come back Thursday to bid on the fun stuff!  You will also be able to check with Design Mom for all the links of people participating.  All money will go directly to help Christian and Stephanie!  This is a great way to give but also to get something fun for yourself!


Jen said...

I will be sure to stop by.....what a wonderful thing to do!

Summer said...

I just cant believe the outpouring of love. I cant wait for the day when she will get to see how many people love her and Christian!

Grandmommy Crum said...

so happy we love eachother!