Friday, August 15, 2008

to the beach

I saw this great idea here, and knew my girls would love it!
so here is our version of the fun mermaid tails
to wear at the beach
we made one for our friends as well.
one of our friends is a boy so he needed a shark tail.  (I know my pictures aren't so great but I'm in hurry to get packing we are off to the beach!!!)


onehm said...

ADORABLE!! You are so very creative.
I bet the kids are going to LOVE them!!!

Have fun at the beach! We'll see ya when you get home!

Jeff and Kristy said...

Is there anything you can't do? So cute! we got our nails done at some place on Kyrene and Warner next to Home Depot, they have TONS of different designs. FUN FUN!

Jen said...

I saw those too and thought they would be a great idea for our house in a few years....I never even thought of a shark tail for my boys.....mind if I steal it???? You are just way too crafty girl! :)