Saturday, November 8, 2008


I know I am very behind on my posts so I am trying to catch up!This is the girls poppa.  He is a funny guy!  We love him so much!  He loves being a grandpa, and we love that he is ours!  

Here is my witch.  I made Livvy's costume because I didn't want her to be just any witch!  She thought she was spooky, but I think she was just cute!

Here is our flamingo!  We taught her to stand like a real flamingo and she did it at every house we stopped at!  So cute!  She kept her costume on her head surprisingly well!

Both girls kept their eyelashes on too!

Here we are as Marge and Homer!  This hilarious costume was loaned to us by Becky and Nate!  Thanks guys those eyeballs were sure hard to keep in but were good for some great laughs!

We had a football game to go to before an annual Halloween party by these lovely ladies, so we needed a quick costume, thus the boss and the secretary.  


Andy & JoDee Dillard said...

Your girls costumes were adorable! I loved the simpson costumes also!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

man your girls are getting big!!

Those were some great costumes!

Love you guys!

Suz said...

You wear Marge well! Infact, I'd have to say, you wear it best! Thanks for posting.

Jeff and Kristy said...

I love all the costumes! So cute!

Cicily said...

I loved your racy office romance costume, very nice. I think the flamingo is too adorable, I might want to eat your kids they are that cute.

The Grover's said...

Great, great costumes Lindsay! I love your girls, I love it when people get creative on Halloween. I'll have to show Kris your Homer and Marge, he LOVES the Simpsons. The Boss and Secretary were great, too! Gotta love Halloween!

Tracie said...

Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!! Just like their Mama! You are an awesome mom Linds!

Hobbie said...

Such great costumes, Linds. I love Avery as the flamingo and what a cute witch Livvy makes. Homer & Marge were an absolute hoot. And, I have to say that was some quick thinking on the Boss/Secretary costumes.